Spotlight on Robbie

Job title: Account Executive.

Nickname as a child: Doggy Woggy (that’s not a joke, it is still my nickname – Dad calls me it every single day and it gets funnier and less annoying every day).

Favourite place: Trevone in Cornwall.

Favourite App: Music // Apple Music.

Favourite sport: Badminton to play. Football to spectate.

Favourite drink: Coke with ice, no lemon or lime.

What do you love most about your job? Trying to turn what the customer wants into something that we can feasibly manufacture.

Who do you admire the most? It’s a tie between Bertrand Russell and Sam Fender.

An overused saying: “What’s that?” //  “What you doing?” my colleagues say persistent questioning. I do not have a catchphrase as such.

Define Success:  The achievement of an aim or purpose / The opposite of failure.

What’s the next big thing in plastic enclosures?  The use of Z axis in combination with X and Y to create angles/slopes.

3 things you would take to a desert island?  I thought about putting conventional things, such as my phone (I’m addicted to it!!!); my cat (Felix, because he is black and white and I have no imagination) and my a lifetime supply of my favourite food (Calzone!!!). But on second thoughts, I wouldn’t want to stay on a desert island forever, so I would have to opt for: A boat (so I can leave); GPS (So I know where I am going when I leave) and nutritious food (So that I don’t starve on the journey).