Spotlight on Ian

Ian Watson, CDT, Enclosure ManufacturerJob title:  Managing Director


Children Nickname? Earbee


Favourite place? A village in Buckinghamshire called Calverton


Favourite app? Ballz (That’s children for you!)


Favourite sport? Rugby, great to watch!


Favourite drink? Doom Bar


Favourite thing about your job? Making our customers happy in the service we provide and that all of the team go home happy each night.


Who do you admire most? Too many people up there but my sister is amazing.


An overused saying / phrase you use? For the love of Father Christmas!


Define success? Ipswich Town winning the Champions League


What’s the next big thing in plastic enclosures? Future designs that Rob and the team come up with will lead to more interesting products for customers…..who knows what it may be…..


What 3 things would you take to a desert island? A fully stocked and fuelled yacht to get off the island, a copy of Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance and a Genie with unlimited wishes just in case the yacht gets nicked!