Standard Boxes

Looking for a plastic Standard Box with specific dimensions?

We can help. As one of the leading UK standard boxes manufacturers, we can help to ensure that your next plastic box or casing project meets your exact requirements. Besides our extensive experience of standard plastic boxes we can also offer you:

  • no MOQs or tooling costs
  • close tolerances
  • fast turnaround times
  • cost efficiency for low quantities
  • flexibility of design

We also offer a range of water resistant standard boxes and work closely with our clients to ensure our boxes are suitably weatherproof or waterproof as required as well as using UV stable materials.


Wide range of standard box options…

As a box and enclosure specialists, we can produce small runs of standard boxes to suit your requirements. Whether you are enclosing electronics, a Raspberry Pi or electrical components. Our solution will be the perfect fit and finish for your product.

We can manufacture boxes, enclosures and casings for an array of sectors including the life sciences, industrial, energy and transport. Examples include: electronic cabinet enclosures, data loggers / handheld terminals, Wi-Fi modules, point of sale enclosures, din rail enclosures, roadside boxes, Raspberry Pi cases and double / single gangs as well as custom gang face plates.


Why use CDT?

As one of the UK’s leading plastic box manufacturers our expert design and engineering team will work with you to design and prototype a plastic box to meet your requirements. At our in-house UK manufacturing facility in Brackley, Northamptonshire we machine and perform the various special operations required to create custom, high quality, plastic boxes.


What next?

For expert design and manufacturing of your next plastic standard box, please contact CDT on (01280) 845530, complete the form below or email us at

Why not send us details of your design for an immediate quote, or we would be happy to visit you to find out more about your plastic boxes  requirements.