Din Rail Enclosures

Custom Din Rail Enclosures…

If you are looking for custom plastic din rail enclosures – talk to us.  As one of the UK’s leading made-to-order din rail enclosure manufacturers, we design and build quality custom plastic din rail boxes for customers across the UK and Europe.


Made-to-measure DIN rail casings

With our expertise you can enjoy custom DIN rail enclosures that can be machined, painted or printed digitally to your exact requirements. Choose from a range of colours – either specify your enclosures in your brand colours for painting, or colour-code them to suit your purposes.

Our tool-free custom design manufacturing process allows you to produce DIN rail plastic unit that perfectly fit all the components, whilst working within tolerances of just 0.2mm ensuring that the size and fit are perfect.

Mounting a custom enclosure to a din rail is easy with standard clips which attaches the enclosure to the rail. Our custom enclosures can be used in conjunction with a standard clip. FYI, we do not produce these standard moulded clips. Just send us a sample of the clip you intend to use so we can devise its attachment to the box.


No MOQs on our custom din rail enclosures

At CDT there are no minimum order quantities. We do production runs as low as one all the way to the 10,000s for bespoke din rail enclosures.

We are proud of our strong reputation as a bespoke din rail enclosures manufacturer. We working in partnership with customers to provide a seamless, professional service.

See what our custom plastic enclosure customers say.


What next?

For expert design and manufacturing of your next din rail mounted casing or enclosure contact CDT on (01280) 845530, or complete the form or email us at sales@cdt123.com.

Why not send us details of your design for an immediate quote, or we would be happy to visit you to find out more about your enclosure requirements.


‘Delighted to recommend plastic enclosure manufacturers, CDT in Brackley. We have been working with Ian and the team for 4 years, designing and building charging racks, chip and pin cradles and the latest being a cash till converter. They work to high standards and provide a proactive, professional custom design and build service. Their attention to detail (ATD) is second to none!

We knew what we wanted but after sitting down with the design team at CDT it was clear that their input was invaluable and working together ensured we ended up with more than we had ever imagined.’

Oliver W, Corporate Services Manager, Technology Support Company, Dudley, West Midlands