Custom enclosure manufacturers

Welcome to CDT – a Custom Plastic Enclosure Manufacturer

As one of the UK’s leading custom enclosure manufacturers we design and manufacture a variety of custom plastic boxes, enclosures, cases and housings in small and medium production runs.

Our high-quality plastic enclosures and boxes do not use expensive moulds or need tooling which means no big, upfront expense of having a tool made. Plus, design changes can happen on the fly with quicker turnaround times for prototypes, and changes can be easily accommodated. Perfect for your next electronics, PCB, industrial, electrical or medical sciences project.


Why Use CDT for your plastic enclosure contract manufacturing?

1.      As a custom enclosure manufacturer, we know what works, and what to avoid – saving you time and money.

2.      Our technical expertise in material selection and extensive hands-on experience of enclosure manufacturing processes allows us to help you overcome any engineering or design issues; like ingress protection, shock absorption, electro-magnetic compatibility or V-0 flame-retardancy etc. Our expert team is always happy to share their knowledge and experience.

3.      The design and manufacturing all happen under one roof at our central England factory in Brackley, Northamptonshire. We also offer a popular custom assembly service.


What types of custom plastic enclosures can we manufacture?

Basically, all types of custom plastic enclosures. As we do not have a minimum order quantity we can do a prototype enclosure production run of 1 all the way to the 10,000s.

We stock a wide range of plastic materials for enclosures including ABS, HIPS, polycarbonates, acrylics, and carbon fibre effect. To find out what plastic would best suit your next custom plastic enclosure project please contact us. We can also help with weatherproof IP rated enclosures and V-0 flame retardancy.

Size-wise the smallest enclosures we manufacture are about the size of a USB stick. The largest plastic enclosure is approximately the size of a roadside cabinet.

In addition. we can fit all sub-assembly items like keypads, membranes, switches, case-mounted components.


What next?

Whether you are looking for an electrical or electronic enclosure manufacturer to outsource to contact to us on 01280 845530 or email or complete the form below. We would be happy to help…