Keypad Specifications

CDT Custom Keypad Specifications…

Keypad Metal Domes

  • 1 million operations
  • Sizes available from stock are 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm, Rectangular dome available 25.4mm x 12.7mm
  • Normal size is 12mm for maximum reliability etc.– embossed area can be much larger to give impression of larger button
  • Minimal tactile feel for 6mm
  • Spacing depends on structure.  2mm minimum but it does depend on embossing etc.
  • Actuation Force = 170 to 397g
  • Key Travel = 0.6 to 1.5m


Keypad Mylar Domes

  • 1 million operations
  • Sizes possible are 6mm to 12mm
  • Recommend minimum is 8mm to give tactile feel
  • Spacing depends on structure.  2mm minimum but it does depend on embossing etc
  • Actuation force 150g +/- 30g for 8mm diameter key
  • Key Travel is dependent on embossing height


Keypad Flat Type

  • 5 Million operations
  • Best for high temperature operations
  • Key travel 0.1 to 0.5mm
  • size range 7mm to 12mm


Kaypad Temperature Range

  • Metal dome – Operating Temp range – 20C to +55C
  • Mylar dome – Operating Temp range – 20C to +55C
  • Flat Mylar – Temp range – 40C to +80C


Keypad Embossing

  • Types of embossing:  Dome, Pillow, Frame
  • Cannot do sharp corners – min radii 0.5mm
  •  Min. 4.0mm between embossed keys
  • The minimum diameter for metal dome is 5mm and 0.3 to 0.4 mm height
  • The minimum diameter for Mylar dome is 6.5mm and 0.5 mm height


Keypad Graphic Layer

  • AUTOTEX – is a textured polyester film made by Autotype -Available in two textured finishes, Velvet and Fine ( F150 is the standard on most keypads) and also a UV version
  • Windowtex can be applied to produce clear transparent windows – not UV stable
  • AUTOFLEX EBG180 – is a gloss polyester film – not highly UV stable.  It has a hard coat finish     to withstand scratch and chemicals
  • Matt lacquer can be applied to produce a selective textured finish on gloss keypad


Keypad LED’s

  • Operational temperature   – 28c to +80c
  • Standard Colours – red, green, orange. Other colours to order  e.g. white, blue but these are more expensive
  • Bi colours, red/green and red/yellow
  • ‘Ultra Bright’ LEDs are used as standard – spec sheet available
  • LEDs are mounted behind an embossed window.  This window is normally clear but can be colour tinted to order.
  • The LED Window can be supplied as flat but this is achieved by making the keypad thicker.  It also changes the feel of the keys.


Keypad Window

  • Choice of hardcoat, antiglare, diffused – Please Note coatings are not UV stable –see UV section.
  • Can reinforce with clear rigid plastic ( 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm etc )
  • Reinforcing will need spacer dots to separate the layers


Keypad Waterproofing

  • IP67 is the max achievable
  • Achieved by a 5mm complete unbroken gasket around edge
  • IP67 = total protection against dust and temporary immersion in water


Keypad Design Guidelines

  • Printing – thinnest line poss to print is 0.15mm
  • 4mm between key embossed areas
  • 5mm between key and cut out
  • 3mm from edge of keypad to window
  • 5mm from edge of keypad to a cut out
  • SMD LEDs – allow 3.5mm diameter embossing for single colour and 4mm diameter for Bi-colour
  • Overall keypad size – allow 0.20mm clearance each side in recess
  • 3.25mm between the edge of LED window and the edge of the frame embossed key
  • 5mm gap needed between circuit and edge of keypad
  • 5mm additional edge clearance needed for IP65.
  • The largest possible size keypad – 500mm x 500mm
  • Bending of keypad – no, flat only
  • The smallest radius that the tail can be bent is 1mm but try to keep a gentle curve

Custom Keypad Specification Design Guidelines


Keypad Connector / tail

  • Female connector – Crimpflex 2.54mm pitch, 1mm pin size.  Industry standard.  Spec sheet available on request
  • Male pins available
  • ZIF connector – various pitches available
  • Polarisation is possible – Add extra pin out and get insert from Nicomatic.  Part No. PHK-101
  • Locking female housings can be supplied.  Spec sheet available on request.   Minimum order quantity applies
  • Average resistance of one track in a tail with 1mm track width, 250mm long, together with connectors = 25ohms.
  • The smallest bend radius for the tail is 1mm
  • We supply mylar protection on all tails to protect from chafing in case of vibration inside enclosures
  • Crimpflex OF series Housing Features:-

Suitable for use with 0.635mm pin headerscustom keypad specifications housing features

Stackable edge to edge

2.54mm pitch

No polarisation/locking

2-25 Ways (26-51 on request)

Single row

Mates with 12-17-NI-XX-1 pin header


Keypad Adhesives

  • 3M adhesive – type 200 MP
  • Becomes known as 467 / 468 when supplied with backing paper.
  • 468 is thicker depth than 467, and is suitable for rougher surface finishes, otherwise the same
  • Chemical resistance spec sheets available
  • 200MP adhesive is NOT suitable for polypropylene
  • use 300MP for polypropylene


Keypad Shielding

  • To protect from RFI and also static electricity
  • Can be done with either full or a grid pattern printed layer
  • Window can also be shielded with ITO (Indium Tin Oxide)
  • Printed on backside of top layer
  • One pin needed to take to earth – can be extra track in tail or separate connector.


Keypad EL Backlighting

  • EL (electro luminescence) is available
  • Single layer of material under top surface
  • .3mm to .5mm thick
  • Colours – green blue white orange yellow. (Colours vary in brightness, please ask)
  • Temp –25C to +60C (operational)
  • Life 5000 to 10000 hrs continual
  • 110 volts / 400HZ to operate
  • Use inverter to drive (e.g. RS 267-8863). Inverters are not supplied with keypads


Keypad UV Materials

  • Can use Autotex UV polyester, slightly yellow in colour and only available in textured finish not gloss
  • A UV resistant gloss lacquer is available – mainly for selective texturing
  • Standard hardcoat is not UV stable for extended exposure


File Formats

  • CDR 11 (Preferred)
  • AI
  • EPS
  • PDF
  • JPEG


Keypad Colour Options

  • We can use all colours from the Pantone Matching System, Coated (C) and Uncoated (U).  Coated has a brighter appearance is the standard for keypads.
  • Because of material textures and tolerances in colour tones it is very difficult to match keypad colours to enclosures and we would suggest that a contrasting colour is used.
  • Silver Metallic finish can be achieved by adding particles to Pantone 877
  • Mirror Finish can be supplied at extra cost.  (Need to quote individual requirements.)