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As one of the UK’s leading custom keypad design and manufacturers we supply huge range of custom membrane keypads, on time and on spec. With over 20 years’ experience, we take your ideas from design to production while providing support and guidance to ensure your custom keypad is cost-effective and fit for purpose.


Why use us for your custom keypad project?

  • Consistently reliable custom keypads, with buttons guaranteed for up to 1 million presses
  • Industry leading robustness in even the most hostile of operating environments (we manufacture up to IP65)
  •  Low cost prototype development to full production volumes

We can supply membrane switch keypads, LED membrane keypad, outdoor UV membrane keypads and even waterproof or weatherproof membrane keypads.

FYI membrane switch keypads are versatile, and their light weight and ‘thin’ nature, means that this reliable technology is now widely used across industry sectors in a variety of environments including outdoor and waterproof settings.


Custom membrane keypads

Custom-Keypad-UKWe can provide a range of technical solutions to meet your needs. We can customise your membrane keypad with an array of button feature and finish options suitable for outdoor or waterproof use. The choice is vast and we can advise depending on budget and usage. Our membrane keypad design options include:

  • Tactile or non-tactile response keys
  • Embossing options include dome, rim, pillow or decorative
  • Circuit design
  • RFI/ESD/EMC shielding
  • Chemical resistant, anti-microbial or UV resistant materials
  • IP54, IP65, rated
  • LEDs can be integrated within the assembly
  • Interchangeable legend inserts
  • Secret-til-Lit
  • Filters
  • Backlighting
  • Can be mounted to steel / aluminium panels or plastic mouldings
  • UL Approved Membrane Switches, Membrane Keypads and Membrane Keyboards

Check out our custom keypad specifications page.



Your PCB may already feature tactile buttons or switches. We can provide durable and high-quality overlays to complete the branding and improve the quality of your product. We can provide embossing and windows, using the strongest 3M adhesive to ensure the longevity of your overlay. With our experience and expertise in the design, manufacture and application of membrane technology we can help you make the right switch for your products. Check out our handy overlay guide.


What next?

For expert design and manufacturing of your next custom keypad project, contact CDT on 01280 845530 or complete the form below or email – either send us details of your requirements, or book a meeting and we will visit you to find out how we can help.