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Custom enclosure manufacturer…

At Custom Design Technologies Ltd (CDT), formerly known as BafBox, we are proud of our strong reputation as a trusted UK enclosure manufacturer. We work in partnership with you to provide a professional, expert service.

So, when you choose a custom fabricated plastic enclosure from us – you enjoy rapid turnaround times, no mould tool costs, and the quality that your product deserves.

Our services include:

As one of the leading UK custom plastic enclosure manufacturers we offer complete bespoke plastic enclosure solutions. With no restriction on size or quantity, from concept design through to production and assembly if required.

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No MOQs for custom plastic enclosures

At CDT there are no minimum order quantities for orders. We manufacture production runs as low as one all the way to the 10,000s.

The maximum order quantity for custom plastic enclosures is usually dictated by price. The tipping point at which injection moulding becomes a viable, more cost-effective alternative to custom designed enclosures depends on a variety of factors including design, materials used, size and the likelihood of changes in technology. This means that you are not still stuck with an expensive obsolete injection mould tool.


Extensive range…

From our base in Brackley, Northamptonshire we stock a wide range of plastic materials from economy to recycled and UL94-V0 listed grades including ABS, HIPS, Polycarbonates, Acrylics, and Carbon Fibre effect.

Our in-house team of design, manufacture and assembly experts can advise you on selecting the plastic that is best suited to your budget and brand requirements. We also offer a choice of screen printing or digital printing as well as the option of RFI shielding to your custom enclosures.

So for your next standard box or electronics, DIN rail, electrical, IP rated, plastic part or PCB enclosure project call the trusted UK enclosure manufacturer on (01280) 845530 or contact us, or complete the form below and we will be in touch…