Custom Clear Sneeze Guard and Cough Screens FAQs

Check out some of the FAQs we have received about our bespoke sneeze guard and cough screens we manufacture in the UK (Brackley, Northamptonshire):


How much do bespoke protective sneeze screens cost?

The cost of bespoke sneeze screens varies depending on a variety of factors, including the number of screens required, the size required, the degree of customisation, and whether printing is required.

For a quote please call us on 01280 845 530 or contact us

How long does a quote for bespoke cough screens take?

We try to turn quotes around within 48 hours, although special consideration is given to urgent requests. Quote, turnaround times do depend on the complexity of the project.

How do sneeze guards (cough screens) work?

Our cut-to-size clear protective screens for your office, shop or workplace to act as an efficient barrier to support social distancing guidelines.

They are placed between or in front of desks or counter in banks/offices/shops to create a clear, robust physical barrier between employees and/or customers with the aim of reducing exposure to potential infection.

What is the minimum order quantities for custom-designed cough screens or protective shields?

There are no minimum order quantities for our custom cough screens. We can do production runs as low as 1 all the way to the 10,000s.

Do you offer an installation service for the protective cough panels?


What types of plastics do you use for the bespoke cough screen / protective panels?

We can use various plastics – FYI we stock a wide range of plastic materials including ABS, HIPS, Polycarbonates, Acrylics, and Carbon Fibre effect.

However, we tend to use a clear Polycarbonate as the preferred option as it is lightweight, impact-resistant material that is UV stable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Can we print on the protective cough screen?

Yes, we can offer a printing service on all our products.

Are the protective panels supplied with a protective film on both sides to protect material prior to installation?

Yes, we use protective film to protect your screen guards

Do you manufacture custom size cough screens?

Yes, we manufacture custom cough screens, as well as cut-outs, and printed protective shields available upon request. Please email us at for more details.

What is the manufacturing tolerance on thickness?

The manufacturing tolerance of our sneeze guards are ± 0.2 mm

Do you manufacture the custom cough screens in the UK?

Yes, we have a plastics factory in Brackley between Oxford and Cambridge that manufactures custom bespoke sneeze guards and cough screens for a range of sectors across the UK and Europe.


If you cannot find the answer to your question in our FAQs please contact us by calling (01280) 845530 or completing the form below – we are happy to help.