Customised PCB Assembly FAQs

Check out some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) asked about our customised PCB assembly service undertaken at our headquarters in Brackley, Northamptonshire…


Why should we use CDT?

We are one of the few companies in the UK that can offer an end-to-end design and production service and work within most regulatory body’s standards.

Our expertise in design, prototyping and production takes away the stress and uncertainty when taking a product from concept to production.

The expertise and experience offered means the finished product is as lean as possible without compromising quality and produced at the best possible cost.


What production facilities do you have?

We have efficient PCB assembly production facilities based in Brackley, Northamptonshire. Our team of trained operators can build small and large quantities monthly. Our assembly staff are very experienced in pick and place and through-hole using pasting machines, ovens and wave solder machines.


What qualifications do your electronics assembly team have?

Our electronics division has a mix of qualifications to degree level, and various manufacture specific training courses and industrial standard qualifications. The team’s skillset ranges from software engineering, electronics design engineering, CAD and prototype development.


Do you supply a BOM template?

Yes, we prefer BOM’s being sent using our template, we will provide a copy.


Which PCB assembly techniques does CDT use?

We have the expertise to offer hand through-hole to pick-and-place machines to assemble your PCB’s. Both SMT and through-hole mounting can be utilised to produce the PCB boards.


Do you undertake customised PCB assembly of prototypes?

Yes, as full turnkey solution specialists, we have extensive experience of developing and assembling customised prototype PCB boards. Please contact us to find out how we can help with your next PCB prototype.


Do you have standard lead times for assembly orders?

When you supply us with your Gerber file(s) and BOM, we then efficiently schedule your assembly job and give you a definite lead time.  However, as a rule of thumb, our full PCB assembly service has roughly a four-week lead time. Our turnaround times vary depending on the quantities required, the complexity of the build and the PCB assembly processes involved.


What is the minimum order quantity for PCB board assembly?

At CDT there are no minimum order quantities for PCB board assembly. As a full turnkey solution provider, we specialise in low volumes offering a quality end-to-end service that includes the box/enclosure or casing. Usually, this is typically in the low hundreds.  Please contact us for a quote.


Do you build to the MDR (Medical Device Regulations) specifications?

Yes, we have the experience and procedures in place to accommodate MDR, FDA and ISO standards.  We can build to the standard required by the product licence holder and whatever countries regulatory requirements are.


Do you offer a CE registration service?

Yes, we can provide advice and implementation services to be ready for testing.


Can CDT manufacture restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) PCBs?

Yes, we can, we have extensive experience with lead-free and the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) compliant PCBs.


What files or documentation do you need to begin a turnkey assembly job?

  •     Full set of Gerber files
  •     BOM using our template
  •     Assembly drawings
  •     Your additional requirements or work instructions if any


Can you design the box, PCB and assemble, supplying all cabling logo printing and labelling?

Yes, we offer an end to end service.


Can you offer software, microcontroller and industrial PC programming?

Yes, if you’re are using leading-edge micro’s we have experience in programming in most microcontroller languages.


If you cannot find the answer to your boxbuild or customised PCB Assembly question in our FAQs please call us on 01280 845530 or contact us online – we are happy to help.