Here at CDT we had a lot of fun designing and manufacturing this response pad enclosure prototype which was made to look like a gaming controller.

The prototype project comprised of two parts – a response pad enclosure and a bullring clip with pivot hinge and clasp with a spring-loaded mechanism to secure it onto laptops and tables.

The medical response system measures response times for certain medical conditions. It has an ergonomic design with rounded bevel edge for a soft touch. In addition it has a low profile and large buttons in primary colour which make it easier to use especially for those that may be frail.

Response Pad Enclosure Prototype

Made from a robust 10mm HIPs the sturdy response pad enclosure has 3 parts clipped and screwed together with 4 posts for self-tapping screws and 4 brass inserts to screw the units together as well as a PCB with optimal diodes inside.

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