As we go into the New year we would like to share our take on the latest trends in the UK plastic enclosures manufacturing market.


New technology driving demand for plastic enclosures

Here at CDT we have seen a steady increase in the use of plastic enclosures over the past few years across a range of sectors in the UK. This increase has been driven largely by the Internet of Things (IoT) with the adoption of the wireless devices becoming a reality for numerous applications. In particular, industry is rapidly incorporating smart devices and sensors to increase productivity. And this technology needs enclosures that allow wireless and RF signals to pass through its solid body which makes non-metallic enclosures like plastics perfect (as they allow wireless signals to transmit freely). They also are resistant to high temperatures and impacts.

Plastic enclosures are now accepted as the mainstay of the emerging green energy sector, the evolving power sector (for its smart grids) and the burgeoning Raspberry Pi usage. The latter is now increasingly used by established companies and start-ups for commercial and industrial use.

The Raspberry Pi with its computing power, size, adaptability and low-price tag backed by a well-supported community makes it now the preferred option for developers and engineers to enable IoT systems to collect data and trigger actions for vast numbers of everyday objects across a range of sectors including environmental monitoring, aerospace and technology and web server applications.

New corrosion free industrial plastic enclosures available

Special types of outdoor industrial enclosures certified with IP and NEMA rating are gaining popularity in industrial applications because of their enhanced ability to mitigate harsh environmental conditions.

For example, plastic enclosures can be coated to provide advanced protection to equipment against oil, dirt, and dust. Plus, IP67 rated industrial enclosures made of acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) plastic with the fully ultraviolet protected feature is also now available. These special types of plastic enclosures are increasingly popular due to their ability to protect equipment against environmental and liquid damage.

Rise in expectations of product turnaround times

As people’s expectations continue to rise and product life cycles shorten, prototypes are now expected to be delivered quicker. CDT Custom plastic enclosures with their flexibility and rapid turnaround times can meet these expectations better than injection moulded enclosure alternatives.
Also with product life cycles becoming shorter – a custom designed plastic enclosure means you are not stuck with an expensive, obsolete injection mould tool. A big financial driver for designers and developers to choose custom plastic enclosures over other types.


To conclude…

It is an exciting time to be a custom plastic enclosure manufacturer in the UK. If you would like to discuss any of the points raised in this article please do get in touch.